Catch Where When Now if



Never miss out on the chance to reconnect in person
with those who matter when, where, now if you can!

Get the app today and reconnect with your network.

Let others know
where and when
they can catch you

You are or you will be available and want to share
a moment with friends? Update your status or
add a future trip to let your contacts know when
and where they can catch you up. 
Yes… It’s that easy!

Never miss 
someone right 
next to you.

Get notified in real-time about contacts who are near you
or will be in your area soon, and never miss the chance to 
reconnect! This is a friendship reminder.
And yes… It’s still that easy!

No more

We want you to spend more time to reconnect in real life and spend less time on your phone.
This is basically why we created the app.
Enjoy easy, stress-free and spontaneous
catch-ups with your people, the rest is on us.

Why is UBQT a game changer?

We live in a world where our schedules are busier than ever but we still lose time
on our phones… what a paradox… 
Spending time «alone» scrolling on « social networks » is another one…
The truth is, no matter where you are or travel, there’s old friends, former
colleagues or even distant relatives right next to you without even realizing it.
Why not seize the opportunity to catch-up with them?
That’s exactly what UBQT is about! Our app was created to easily let you reconnect
with people you care about. This is real social networking, the one where you share
moments with people in real life. And yes… we’ve created an app so you can use it 
as little as possible! A paradox to solve another one 😉

Connect with us = Connect with your people

Our mission

Bring everyone to reconnect in person.

Our vision

Less screen time, more lifetime with a social retox

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Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates 
Email us:
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Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates