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UBQT is a social app made by disruptors to effortlessly connect you in real life with your tribe. Get notified about who’s in town, visiting soon or traveling in the same place as you, and never miss an opportunity to catch up in person! We strive to be the smartest app for organizing real life catch-ups without the noise and distractions of other social networks.

UBQT provides the simplest and most time-efficient way of
staying connected, in real life.

real life

How many times have you returned from a trip or an appointment to find that you could have met up with a friend or colleague if only you’d known they were nearby? Never miss an opportunity to reconnect in real life. Serendipity, served seamlessly. Be spontaneous with the Catch Me status (within 24 hours) or plan ahead by scheduling a catchup.

on the

Add your trips to let your tribe know where you’ll be and when. Find out when members of your tribe are near you or are planning a trip that crosses over. Get notified so you can reconnect in real life and never miss a chance to catch up

and join communities

Stay connected in real life with those whom you’ve shared moments with or have common interests – think work colleagues, college alumni, a hobby or interest community.

Get the app today and
reconnect with your tribe.

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